Last Longer Led Plasma

The second question that I get from friends or family when discussing plasma TVs is, "Plasmas don't last as long right, they burn out faster than other television

Feb 23, 2012 Hearsay also puts plasma at the bottom, but numbers I've found show the opposite? There is little published data on LED lifespan as in, the companies Will they last as long as that ancient console CRT you've had in the

Which is better and why plasma lcd or led tvs? have less problem,not burn-in and last longer.personally I would suggest LCD over plasma

Nov 17, 2011 He then began to explain to me the plasma tv's have color that is much truer . LEDs will last longer, use less energy, and generate less heat,
Jul 12, 2011 Im stuck between a LED or Plasma , it will be put in a room where it is always I' m not sure if this is still the case but done LED tv's last longer?
Askville Question: New TV opinions. ~ LED vs. Plasma : TV & Video. LCD sets supposedly last longer, too, but in practice no one has really been able to prove

Which will last longer? I was dead set on a 65" LED TV as the quality and picture was impressive. Then i seen an plasma and it looked just as

Dec 9, 2009 LED use 50% or less electrical power, is thinner and lasts longer. A Plasma TV may produce a huming noise when used at 7,500 ft. in elevation

Mar 7, 2012 LCD TV vs. Plasma. LED backlighting on newer LCD televisions uses no bulbs making LED backlit LCD televisions potentially very long lasting

Which last longer? I was told that the LED would outlast the LCD. by Kevin Summerfield, NC . I was told that I need to buy a extended warranty because the
Does anyone know if a plasma tv is good for gaming? Tech has come a long way and LED's will practically last forever much longer than
In a plasma screen, the pixel structure consists of encapsulated gas phosphorus , trapped between two glass plates. By applying

I'd like a TV that lasts a long time. Is there any difference in the longevity of LCD, LED, Plasma and DLP TVs? Both Plasma and LCD manufacturers claim the key
Much has been made of the longevity of LCD TVs, at least compared to plasma TVs. The conventional wisdom is that LCD/LED televisions last longer than their

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