Slim Fast Expiration Date

How long is slim fast good before it expires? Don't tell me Yes it will be fine, foods are even usually still good for a little after the date printed.

4 Dec 2009 This involves all ready to drink cans of all Slim-Fast flavors, expiration dates, UPC codes and lot numbers. You may have purchased these cans
Products esp. food and drugs should have indicated date of manufacture and expiry on packaging or labels. Buy from trusted/licensed dealers or

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9 Dec 2009 The cans were also sold individually. The recall includes all Slim-Fast canned products, regardless of their flavor, expiration date, lot code or
In a cupboard, it said "Slim Fast", but he misreaded as "Lime Fast". He didn't see that the expiration date was 10 years ago. So he put it on the counter.

13 Apr 2009 I found 2 unopened cans of Slim Fast chocolate powder in my kitchen, but the expiration date says "August 2007". What should I do? I know I

Do they have expiration dates? Just curious. I would call them 1 800 slimfast. I just got that number from their website. I would doubt that it is a
Are Slim Fast bars ok after the expiration date? Staying Fit.
13 Mar 2009 bars and cake mixes that are years past their expiration date. Should I try to wean my mom off Slimfast, or let her continue having it for the
Unilever has ordered a recall of its Slim-Fast ready-to-drink products are being recalled, regardless of flavor, lot number, expiration dates, etc.

31 Jan 2012 Note: These Slim-Fast free coupons have an expiration date of 2/29/12. Please be aware of the short expiration date when entering! Good luck!

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Hi :-\ I bought some Slim fast and the "best used by" date is a couple of It doesn' t say "expiration date", just best used by so I was wondering if

I checked the expiration date on the can – December 2006. I called customer service for Slimfast, because I thought maybe they had made a
9 Dec 2009 All Slim-Fast Ready-to-Drink cans are at risk regardless of flavor, UPC code, lot code or expiration date. The three flavors, Cappuccino Delight,

Do not expose SlimFast to moisture and heat. Store it in a cool and dry place. Do check the expiration date of the medicine before you consume it. Do not use it

13 Jun 2001 Slim Fast Shakes – User Rating: 1 stars. Review I'll review the French Vanilla which comes in a box with an expiration date on the side.

26 Sep 2010 Someone forgot their Slimfast. Then she turned over the can click image for larger version : sfex.jpg. Expiration date: July 2004. I love it.
14 Jan 2012 Save $1.00 on any Slim Fast Product. Slim Fast coupons. This is a BRICKS managed coupon and the expiration date seems to be 30 days after
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does it contain? But I guess it cannot expire if there is no date to it. I didnt have a slimfast, but I had a BOOST canned shake. CANNED!
Expiration Date: Feb 18, 2013. Slim Fast Wafer Biscuit Expiration Date: Feb 19, 2013. Weight Loss Blue Coffee Series T008 Expiration Date: Jun 14, 2012
20 Sep 2010 Other food items that can last months beyond the expiration date For Disabled · Unilever recalls all Slim-Fast ready-to-drink products in cans

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